Video: Lithuanian company Caszyme at forefront of gene editing

Caszyme CEO, Monika Paule. Photo: Jim Cornall

A Lithuanian company, Caszyme, is looking to develop new discoveries, innovative applications and top-quality research in the field of CRISPR-based molecular tools.

The Vilnius-based gene-editing company, which was formed in 2017, was founded by scientists with expertise in Cas9 and other CRISPR-Cas protein expression, purification and characterization, as well as bioinformatic analysis of CRISPR-Cas system.

Caszyme is exploring new Cas proteins for various applications, providing research services for CRISPR applications, and developing and characterizing new CRISPR-based molecular tools.

We interviewed Monika Paule, Caszyme’s CEO and co-founder at the Baltic Life Sciences event in Vilnius, Lithuania recently.

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