About Deeptech Digest

So, what’s deeptech?

It depends who you ask!

While often applied just to startups, deeptech can be considered to be any technology at the cutting edge that is helping to solve global issues. So, it includes some biotech, through to science startups, artificial intelligence, and even companies such as Google and Tesla are considered by some to be deeptech.

Our definition is going to be – loosely – advances in technology, companies introducing new products or technologies, or simply, really interesting science that has the potential to make a positive difference to the planet.

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The company is run by Jim Cornall, former editor of a B2B food publication and biotech publication. Now based in Scotland, Cornall is an award-winning writer, editor, photographer, broadcaster and designer. He has been editor of magazines, websites, and newspapers, and has written and taken photos for hundreds of publications around the world. He has written nine books.